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President's Message: holy family College is 'a special place'

Dr. Robert B. CallahanI am privileged to serve as the 11th president of Holy Family College.

I could tell from the first moment I stepped on campus that this is a very special place. I still feel it every day. 

Our students certainly get a high-quality liberal arts education combined with professional preparation that will ready them well for a successful future. But, at Holy Family College, it’s about much more than that.

First, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity have ensured that the Catholic Franciscan values of Community, Compassion, Peacemaking, and Reverence for All of Creation are embedded in all that we do. Those values ensure that this is a place where all are welcome, and a place where everyone is committed to serving others and helping those in need.

Second, our college is a place where students definitely will not be a number. People here know each other by name. They say “hello” to one another. They genuinely take time to ask “how are you doing?” This creates a strong sense of belonging that helps our students to make new friends and forge relationships that will likely last a lifetime.

Third, Holy Family College offers a unique cooperative education program where all residential students gain hands-on experience from the first day on our campus, all the way through to graduation. Called HFC Works, the Work College program is a win-win opportunity for our students and for the entire region, especially its employers.

For our students, HFC Works ensures their education is an affordable one through the tuition credit each receives for their work and a great way to have real-world work experience on their résumés before they graduate. For employers throughout our region, HFC Works gives them access to high-quality interns, and is a fantastic way to supplement their talent and potentially recruit new employees with the latest knowledge in their field.

Fourth, our faculty and staff are some of the most dedicated that I have encountered in all my years in higher education. They take the time to really get to know our students: who they are, where they are from, their interests and their dreams. Then they help the students achieve them! 

Our faculty and staff help students achieve their dreams day in and day out even when facing the challenges posed by increased competition for all types of students, reduced government funding and rising costs, which are combining to make these very difficult times for many public and private colleges throughout our region and across the country.

For many of our students, these are difficult times as well. For some, the dream of one day earning a college degree can seem quite daunting when facing obstacles that, at times, can seem impossible to overcome.

St. Francis of Assisi once outlined the pathway to overcoming great challenges by saying “start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Many of our students do just that. They focus on what is necessary. Then what is possible. And, before you know it, they are achieving the impossible! And, not just doing great things for themselves, but going out into the world and making a difference.

With fantastic students, parents, sponsors and benefactors, as well as dedicated faculty, staff and board of trustees, I am truly confident that Holy Family College has a very bright future!

I invite you to come visit our campus in person, explore our website, see a show in our beautiful Franciscan Music Center, celebrate Mass with us in our chapel, or check us out on Facebook to learn more about all the great things our students, faculty and staff achieve and if becoming a part of our college family (as a student or a supporter) might be right for you!





Dr. Robert B. Callahan
Holy Family College