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Learning Communities 

As a new student at Holy Family College, you'll join a community of learners. You’ll select a general education course in an area of interest, such as art, history, literature, or mathematics. Your professor for this course will also be your initial academic advisor and your instructor for a linked sequence of two courses: Learning Community I (during the fall semester) and Learning Community II (during the spring semester).


LAS 100: Learning Community I gives you the chance to hone communication, collaboration, and research skills while becoming familiar with resources and habits that will help you succeed as a college student. You’ll also learn more about yourself as a person while exploring your interest in possible careers and academic areas.


Second semester you will join the same classmates and professor for LAS 200: Learning Community II. Students in this course explore social justice issues, civic engagement, and Franciscan leadership approaches while enhancing the communication, collaboration, and research skills developed in LAS 100.


Welcome Week

First year students begin their Learning Community course and linked general education course one week early. In addition to delving into course material this first week, you’ll engage in teambuilding activities, like an adventure course, collaborative chalk mural, and scavenger hunt.


Student Feedback

Here’s what previous students have shared about their learning community experience:

 “I’ve developed creative thinking skills and problem solving skills during this first semester. All the skills and experiences that I have developed as a learning community member will be useful in my future career.”

--Henry Thang, computer science major, class of 2021


“I have grown as a writer in a lot of ways. I have become a better presenter in class, and I have also been able to gather my ideas in ways that make it easy to expand into a paper if necessary. I am now able to create poetry in ways that can be understood by multiple audiences.”

--Carmen Medina-Santa Anna, business management and nursing major, class of 2021


“I know that I am able to achieve my goals and find help along the way. I know that I am not alone, because other students and faculty work with me. At Holy Family College you can always find someone to help you and you won’t be ignored.”

--Naw Da Say, nursing major, class of 2021


“I realized in my [Poems as Letters to the World] learning community course that I really have a passion for poetry and that I like writing poems.”

--Armani Jones, business management major, class of 2021


“I found myself getting better at time management and communication. More than that, I often talked to professors, made new friends, and participated in other activities as well. I learned so many things that will prepare me for my future.”

--Mya Paw, nursing major, class of 2021


 Learning Communities leaders:

Steve-K-sm.jpgSteve Kuehl
Assistant Professor


Erin_LaBonte.jpgErin LaBonte
Associate Professor 


Emilie_LindemannDr. Emilie Lindemann
Associate Professor 



Katie Walkner