“Vatican II’s true meaning was and remains faith in Christ, the apostolic faith, animated by the inner desire to communicate Christ to individuals and all people, in the Church’s pilgrimage along the pathways of history.” (Pope Benedict XVI, Opening Mass for the Year of Faith)

In continuity with Christ’s call to St. Francis to “Go, rebuild my Church,” the Theology program and philosophy is committed to the intellectual, spiritual, pastoral and professional training of young men and women to become protagonists in the New Evangelization – that is, to proclaim Christ anew to  an increasingly fragmented and indifferent world, within a variety of academic and pastoral settings.


  • Catechist/High School Teacher  
  • Young Adult/Pastoral Minister
  • Missionary 
  • College Professor
  • Deacon/Priest


  • Theology/Ministry
  • Law
  • Medical Ethics


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Sister Marie Kolbe Zamora

Associate Professor
Theology and Ministry Department



Father Dave Beaudry

Theology and Ministry Department




Program highlights

  1. Students will synthesize and utilize scriptural, patristic, liturgical, magisterial and theological resources to explain dogmatic truth.
  2. Students will analyze the relationship between historical context and the modes/methods of the Church’s self-expression (theology).
  3. Students will interpret dogmatic truth within the context of the spiritual, intellectual and pastoral tasks of the New Evangelization. 
  4. Students will create artifacts of theological research using sound theological methodology.



  • Students are officially accepted into the Theology Program upon achieving at least a grade of “B” in THL 124 Catholic Theological Foundations.


  • A minimum of one-third of the required courses must be completed through Holy Family College.


  • Students successfully complete the program by maintaining a 2.5 grade point average in the major and achieving at least a grade of “B” in our capstone course. While the Theology Program does not require a minor, it is recommended that students avail themselves of as many philosophy and humanities courses as possible. In particular, it is recommended that Theology majors seek to take PHL 110 Traditional Logic and PHL 120 Philosophical Anthropology whenever possible.

Program Curriculum

Theology Core Courses 27 credits
Required of all Majors  
THL 124 Catholic Theological Foundations 3
THL 211 Moral Theology 3
THL 218 Sacramental Theology:  Sacrosanctum Concilium and the New Evangelization 3
THL 223 Introduction to the Scriptures: Theology of Revelation 3
THL 2__ Any 200 Level Scripture Elective 3
THL 308 Ecclesiology:  Lumen Gentium and the New Evangelization 3
THL 410 Evangelical Mission of the Church in the Modern World 3
THL 425 Christ: Human and Divine 3
 THL 414 Theological Synthesis and Research Methods 3


Electives - 12 credits
(Up to 3 internship credits in some area of Church ministry may be applied toward elective credits in completion of the Theology major.)

Biblical Electives

THL 201 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
THL 202 Introduction to the New Testament 3
THL 204 Synoptic Gospels 3
THL 301 Prophetic Literature 3
THL 302 Pauline Literature and Theology 3
THL 401 Gospel of John 3


Systematic Electives

THL 209 Catholic Social Teaching 3
THL 315 Theology of New Evangelization 3
THL 404 The Living and True God 3


Historical Electives

THL 214 Life and Writings of Francis and Clare 3
THL 412 Major Movements In Christian Spirituality 3


Pastoral Ministry Electives

THL 234 Pastoral Care Principles and Skills I 3
THL 234A Pastoral Care Principles and Skills I A 1
THL 234B Pastoral Care Principles and Skills I B 1
THL 234C Pastoral Care Principles and Skills I C 1
THL 334 Pastoral Care Principles and Skills II 3
THL 409 Ethical and Legal Principles for Healthcare Ministry




Theology Minor

24 credits

THL Core Courses Minimum 12
THL Elective Courses Maximum 12


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