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Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a form of need-based financial assistance consisting of earnings from a part-time job. Students that are not able to participate in HFC Works (i.e. non-residential students) are able to apply for any remaining on-campus positions after HFC Works positions have been assigned. Jobs may be available in most departments on campus, and at select nonprofit agencies off campus. Community Service Federal Work Study Positions, including America Reads and America Counts tutoring programs also are available.

You must work in order to earn the money awarded to you under the Federal Work Study Program. Student earnings will be sent to your bank for direct deposit each bi-weekly pay period. You may use your earnings to make a payment on any remaining balance or for personal expenses.

To foster development of employment skills and ensure the best match between students and employers, students are not assigned to jobs. You must complete a Holy Family College application, which is available on my.holyfamilycollege.edu or in the Office of HFC Works. Completed FWS job applications, along with any questions about available positions, should be directed to the Office of HFC Works.

Information about non-FWS employment opportunities in the local community also may be found in the Office of HFC Works or Career Resource Office.