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  1. Complete an Application for Graduate Admission
  2. Send official transcripts to the Office of Admissions from your undergraduate degree conferring institution.
  3. Send three professional or academic letters of recommendation from persons qualified to evaluate your professional teaching and leadership capabilities to the Office of Admissions. Please complete the top portion of the form and then send the official recommendation form to your three recommenders.
  4. Submit a Statement of Purpose to the Office of Admissions (750- to 1,000-word essay). This statement will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your writing ability and explain your reasons for seeking the Master of Music in Music Education - Kodály Emphasis from Holy Family College.
  5. Complete the Master of Music in Music Education application. If you prefer to download a PDF of the application, click here. If you complete the PDF application, please scan the form and email it to admissions@holyfamilycollege.edu.
  6. Entrance Interview: You will receive notification from the Office of Admissions that your graduate file is complete after you have completed the above listed steps. At this time you must schedule an entrance interview with the Director of Graduate Music (rachel.warecarlton@holyfamilycollege.edu or 920-686-6272). Upon successful completion of the entrance interview and review of application materials, you may be conditionally entered in the Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis.

Benchmark Requirements

You will be asked to submit or complete the following items/examinations within one year of your conditional entrance to the Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis program:

  1. Music History/Theory Requirement: Students will complete Music History and Music Theory examinations during their first summer of study.
    1. Students must either pass these examinations or fulfill this requirement by taking the Music History and/or Music Theory Review course(s) before graduation.
    2. Successful completion of either the examinations or the needed review course(s) will satisfy this requirement. NOTE: Credits earned in the Music History and/or Music Theory review course(s) will not count toward degree program, but rather will serve to satisfy this program requirement.
  2. DVD/video demonstrating teaching experience in the classroom or studio setting.
  3. Conducting demonstration showing work with an ensemble in a classroom or rehearsal setting. Your conducting demonstration may be submitted on DVD or completed on campus within first year of college attendance. The conducting demonstration consists of the conducting of two chorales, one in 3/4 meter and one in 4/4 meter or equivalent literature. The music can be sung by a choir or performed by an instrumental group. You will be critiqued based upon the following criteria:
    1. Clear Preparatory beats
    2. Clear beat patterns
    3. Fermatas properly executed
    4. Concise Cut-offs
  4. Performance Exam - to be completed on campus within the first year of attendance. Your performance exam will be performed on your major performing instrument/voice before the Holy Family College of the Holy Family faculty. The performance exam will critique basic musicianship and technique on your major performing instrument/ voice. Each exam will consist of:
    1. Vocal Audition – one art song in English and one art song in a foreign language
    2. Piano Audition – a Baroque work and one other work of a different style
    3. Instrumental Audition – two selections of contrasting style

Students will be officially accepted into the Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis upon successful completion of the above listed benchmark requirements.