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  • New Students
    • To register, consult with Rachel Ware Carlton, Director of Graduate Music, in order to receive advising and a registration form. Contact Rachel Ware Carlton by e-mail, rachel.Warecarlton@holyfamilycollege.edu, or by phone (920) 686-6272.
  • Returning Students.
    • Login at www.my.holyfamilycollege.edu/icsß using your username and password. If you do not know your username and password, please contact Sr. Rosita Bunge (rosita.bunge@holyfamilycollege.edu or 920-606-6143)or Diane Van Minsel (diane.vanminsel@holyfamilycollege.edu or 920-686-6289).
      For returning students who do not remember their login (username is always first letter of your first name + last name), please click here to reset your password.
    • Click on the “Students” tab at the top left.
    • Click on the “Add/Drop Courses” or “Register” and then “Add/Drop Courses” on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Choose the correct term (2016-2017 - Summer Term)
    • You can search for courses by title, course code, term, department or division. The advanced search will also allow you to search by day, time, location and instructor.
    • Click on any course code to see course details such as the course description and location.
    • Place a checkmark next to the course you would like to add and click the “add courses” button at the bottom of the page OR click on the course code to view the course detail and then click the “Add this course” button.
    • Verify your schedule by choosing the “My Course Schedule” link at the left side of the page.