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Holy Family College’s commitment to helping you afford a private-college education is among the many reasons we are proud to be the first Catholic College in the United States to adopt the Work College model, called HFC Works.

SLC WorksLogo.jpgYour work will be purposefully designed to complement your academic coursework, providing you with practical experience and on-the-job training. This unique, hands-on approach helps you achieve a liberal arts education that equips you with real-world skills designed to help you achieve success.

Launched in fall 2016, all residential students who are new freshmen or transfer students are required to participate. In exchange for required weekly work, you will receive a tuition credit per academic year. This will be applied toward your educational costs, enabling you to earn a valuable four-year degree with reduced student debt.


Matt Goff.jpgMatthew  Goff
Dean of HFC Works


Holy Family College adopts Work College model
HFC Works helps students find success in job hunt after graduation

MANITOWOC, Wis. — Starting this past fall, Holy Family College students began heading to their classes and to their campus jobs. 

The four-year private liberal arts college in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, has taken the initial step in becoming the first Catholic college in
the nation to adopt the Work College model.

Victoria Bond HTR.jpgCalled HFC Works, the initiative incorporates jobs into students’ schedules, allowing them to gain real-world work experience while they earn a four-year degree. Students obtain practical on-the-job training, build their résumés and apply their earnings toward reducing their student debt.

“I’m very excited about how this will help our students with their professional and personal development,” said Dr. Chris E. Domes, Holy Family College president. “We expect our students to be successful in their lives — and success means, in part, having a decent job and being able to pay back student loans, and being able to live on your own without relying on mom and dad to support you after college.”

Dr. Domes pointed to the work gap in many students’ lives.

“We are in an age where it’s harder for young people to find work before they get to college for any number of reasons — be it regulations, or no work opportunities, or whether they have busy lives, or any number of other factors,” he said.

Unlike years ago, some young people today are reluctant to take an entry-level job at a fast-food restaurant, for example. They don’t understand the value of work, Dr. Domes said.

HFC Works is based on five guiding principles reflecting the college’s educational mission. The third principle, “Quality academic + professional preparation = successful life,” focuses on developing the whole person.

“We are instilling in students the mindset that you need work as part of your educational environment or it’s going to be more difficult for you to be successful in life,” he said.

For Lucy-Ann Muabe, who held numerous campus jobs and joined the Holy Family College staff after graduating this past winter, the work experience was invaluable.

“It allowed me to use what I learned in class and apply it to real work experience,” said Muabe. “Work gives me confidence because I love what I’ve been doing.”

Added first-year student Meghan Walsh, an accounting major who gained experience in the financial aid department: “I enjoy being able to work hands-on and do things I wouldn’t be able to do at a larger college, especially as a freshman.”

All new full-time residential freshmen and transfer students are participating in HFC Works as a condition of enrollment.

Freshmen and sophomores are given on-campus positions that help them concentrate on improving their liberal arts skills, such as communication and critical thinking.

Juniors and seniors focus on moving up the ranks to supervisory positions on and off campus, including internships in their field of study so they can apply their management skills.


Five Guiding Principles of HFC Works:


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“Working and going to school at the same time is valuable because it ties everything together and makes so much more sense. Bookwork and fieldwork are completely different, and getting to have that real-world experience will be so helpful in my future career.”

— Megan Sheahan ‘15

“This is what makes Holy Family unique: the people, the energy that goes around, and how everyone is so positive with each other. They challenge you, because they believe in you.”

— Fernanda Torres ‘19

Did You Know?

of Work College graduates say their work program experience was important to reduce their college costs.
of Work College graduates say their work program experience helped them prepare for their first job.
of Work College graduates credit their work program experience with making them effective problem-solvers.